CBG Flower

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Learn How To Buy CBG Hemp Flower

Cannabis is one of the most controversial topics in the world, and there are few sources for reliable information. This article is a quick primer on CBD, CBN, and THC content in cbg strain, but it also includes resources for learning more about the differences between these chemical compounds. This article will give you an understanding of what to look for before purchasing your next batch of flowers or edible.


Marijuana flowers come from female cannabis plants that contain psychoactive components, including CBD, CBN, and THC. Below is a chart showing the approximate CBD: THC ratios for cannabis strains in seed form at various marijuana dispensaries in Washington and Colorado. Remember that these ratios vary significantly depending on growing conditions and plant phenotype.

CBG Flower


A person would need to consume an average of 3 grams of CBG to achieve a comparable medical effect to 1 gram of medical hemp flower 1. This means that CBG is much more potent than other cannabinoids per unit weight and cost. CBG hemp flower is especially popular with those who want to use hemp health products to treat skin conditions, chronic pain, and inflammation.


All marijuana flowers contain some CBG (Cannabigerol) because this cannabinoid is a natural byproduct of the plant’s synthesis process. CBD does not naturally exist in marijuana as a large bulk extract; instead, it is synthesized from CBG through a process called “biogenesis.” The CBN content (Cannabinol) in cannabis flowers is also created from harmful feedback mechanisms that occur during the same biogenesis process. Both the quantity and ratio of each cannabinoid present depend on the strain and growing conditions.