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Jul 16, 2022 Health

When To Use Cbd Calming Chews For Your Furry Friends?

Anxiety and restlessness is something that is pretty common and prevalent in humans, especially adults. Many of them are born with it, many develop these issues over time. No matter what the cause, anxiety is something that is not easy to handle or deal with. However, it is not just humans that can suffer from bone crippling anxiety. Many animals, especially house pets also suffer from the same. Pet parents try a plethora of ways such as feeding themĀ CBD Calming chews or soothing them down, and some of these methods work, some don’t.

How to calm down an anxious pet?

Like humans, pets also can either be born with anxiety, or develop it over time. The former is much more dangerous than the latter. Pets who develop anxiety, can suffer from it due to causes like their owners leaving them alone for long periods of time etc. However, pets that are born with anxiety, tend to suffer from it throughout the day, without any particular cause. Obviously, the first one is much easier to treat than the other.

When it comes to anxiety in your furry friend, it is always advised that you identify the root cause of it and then proceed accordingly. There are multiple treatment options available in the market, from chews to calming oils and toys. It all comes down to how well an owner knows their pet and the cause of their anxiety. A good owner does not rely on drugstore treatment options and medicines but rather knows when to give what.